UPDATED - 12-3-2019

Today I had two scans and a chest X-ray

preparation for the upcoming surgery.

Scan 1XR Chest PA

Scan 2: Cat scan of full body

X-Ray: Chest

I went to

for the above tests. Never much fun you know. The sexy

white bracelet they give you and a IV they had to try

twice for. :-(  Let's hope they come back with nothing

added to complicate the journey. Not sure when I will

find out results. I will update when I do. For those following,

thank you for it all, and for those who are not. It's OK.

Really it is. Below is just a repeat of my treatment. Nothing

new with it so far. Thanks for being there for me. 



On December 19th, 2019 I will have part of my jaw bone removed and 

replaced with bone from my leg. It will be approximately a 10 hour surgery. I 

will be hospitalized from 7 to 10 days. I will not be able to eat or drink for a 

period after surgery. Nor will I be able to breath correctly so a trakia will be 

inserted as well as the feeding tube(s) for a while afterwards. While I continue 

to wrap my head  around all this - I will feed off your support - prayers - and 

well wishes. I thank you so much for them. I shall miss being home for 

Christmas, but as the saying goes. "You do what you gotta do."

I must dwell on the outcome of once again being cured of this nasty stuff.

A prayer for me and for

those struggling ....

Dear Lord,

I am so grateful that you are bigger than my fears.

You are bigger than the anxious feelings that won't

seem to subside. You are with me (Isaiah 41:40.) You

are all-knowing and all-powerful. Because I know all

of this to be true, I will trust you and your perfect

plan. I make the choice right now to reject the

paralyzing feeling of fear so I can walk confidently

in the truth of your assurance. Calm my thoughts,

Father, and give me your peace in this moment.

~ Lysa Terkeurst