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Recent - UPDATE -- June 3, 2014

After my battle with Uterine Cancer, involving 4 rounds of

chemo and daily for 5 weeks - radiation I went into my scan hoping

it was all gone. But no such luck. Please read below reference

January 6th, 2014.

I today continue to take a hormone pill. Last scan showed

the tumor in the neck area had shrunk nearly in half due to the

hormone pill doing what it needs to do. What

awesome news. I got directed to continue the hormone pill,

come in for a check up this month (June) and in October

they will do a scan to see if the tumor has continued to

shrink, or better yet - BE GONE! I hope and I pray daily

for this and that nothing else is found. While I am considered

a high risk for cancer to return, again, one can only hope and

pray. If in October I can label myself a survivor, I will feel

all prayers have been answered. From then on I can only

hope for the best and live my life to the fullest. As far as how

I am feeling? I do feel real good but still am searching for

my energy I once had. My last chemo treatment was Nov 20th,

and I had hoped by now I would have gained more energy back.

I will continue to search for it and again, hope and pray!

Again, thank you all for being here for me.

Continued testing left me with this:

On January 6th, 2014

I was diagnosed with Metastatic

Endometrial cancer to a

supraclavicular lymph node

located in the left area of my neck.

My days of unknown are now upon me, I

will live each day to the fullest while I

try and maintain my hope, faith and

the will to remain strong ... while doctors

try to control if not cure this nasty disease within me.


Here is a link titled

Caring Bridge

It is a journal of many entries that I

have faithfully updated thru out my journey.

 ...............  MY TREATMENT(S)  ...............

I received Monday thru Friday 5 weeks of radiation  and

then six rounds of chemo at 3 and 4 weeks apart.

My last chemo treatment was on

November 20th, 2013.

As of today (1-18-14) further

treatment will be a hormone-chemo pill

for 3 months in hopes to shrink the tumor.

A prayer for

those struggling ....

Dear Lord,

I am so grateful that you are bigger than my fears.

You are bigger than the anxious feelings that won't

seem to subside. You are with me (Isaiah 41:40.) You

are all-knowing and all-powerful. Because I know all

of this to be true, I will trust you and your perfect

plan. I make the choice right now to reject the

paralyzing feeling of fear so I can walk confidently

in the truth of your assurance. Calm my thoughts,

Father, and give me your peace in this moment.

~ Lysa Terkeurst

Not only should it be lived, but

it should be celebrated.