If you love music, variety and MP3's to collect, then joining

here is a must. Loreen has a theme for each day of the week.

5 songs are sent. One day is set aside for "member of the week"

and all you need to do is let her know you want included in

that. If your name is chosen, you may request 5 songs of

your choice. She has also just recently included a request

day for everyone ....

Loreen sends the majority in this group and

I do on occasion and let me tell you what. She picks the

best and has every song you can imagine. If she does not

have it - she has her resources and will come thru for you.

Again, if you collect music and want a great variety

then you have found the best of the best music groups

right here. Last but not least, there is NO participation

required, Loreen and I are the only ones who post.

So, again, if you are interested, hit the " CLICK "

button below and send the email that pops up.


Never hesitate to contact me if you have

any questions or comments.