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Here you will always find the American flag

waving and the American eagle flying.

Home of the
2015 National Champion
Football Team



Another very pretty bike. Love the colors

used here  ....

The season's finest.

I love the old Coke machines. I don't

however remember the white ones

with the 7-Up.


How cute is this? And good for the person taking

the photo to get the kitty to sit still with

this silly hat on.

A soft and creamery chocolate fix.

Wow, how colorful!!

This little light of mine,

I'm gonna let it shine.

Muffin Potatoes

Just mash potatoes plain with butter or you can add yummy

 ingredients like cooked bacon, cheese, parsley, green onion, garlic,

 etc. Stuff in to a greased muffin tin, run a fork along the top and

 brush with melted butter or olive oil. Bake at 375 degrees or until

 tops are crispy and golden.

Yes we still need carbs in our diet even when we are trying to lose

 weight so this is a great way to stick with portion control!!!

Also remember there are varying sizes in muffin pans so you can

 choose the serving size!! Using mini muffin tins you can turn this

 into a healthy alternative to chips or wedges too. You still get the

 soft potato with the crunch on the outside

without all the fat!!!!


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