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And such a pretty view thru a old broken

window of Fall's beauty.

A bike left behind and apparently

no longer needed. Looks like someone parked it

in a hallway, perhaps of a apartment building

and just simply walked away.

The many, many books left behind. At

first I thought perhaps a library, but the doors

plainly point to the fact that this was a home.

I really like this color.

A true talent of animation by another in

this photo of the white flowers and butterfly's.

The plaids just fit Fall. Very pretty.

Who could pass up sampling each one of these

scoops? I say for sure, not me!

Who says teddy bears cannot enjoy Fall?

But no doubt he will patiently wait

for his/her owner to return.

Playing in leaves is for us humans

and our fur babies. Or are we playing hide

and seek perhaps. Too cute.

A neat decoration to fit the season.

And your cuteness for the day. My goodness,

I do love her neck scarf and of course

Teddy must have one too.

Another example of animation talent.

It just makes the picture. Love the old lamp.

Today I would like to include a poem that a friend

sent me. If you enjoy poetry - check it out. If you

would like to comment to Virginia, leave a

comment in my guest book and she can view

it there. Make sure and put it to her attention.


Fall Is Here

I must be getting old...

I’ve sometimes been told

that time passes faster as we age

...that must have been said by some wise sage!

For...ready or not...Fall is here!

You can actually feel it in the cooler air.

The leaves are beginning to lose their green

and taking on the prettiest colors I’ve ever seen.

I first noticed the change along the highway...

the Sumacs were already golden yellow yesterday.

Now...along the banks Indian Creek...the Elms

are changing colors to match them.

The Maximilian Sunflowers are now in bloom,

and the fall Amaryllis will be soon.

And the Chrysanthemums in fall gardens

are flowers to which I always look forward!

Yellow broom weed flowers are beginning to appear,

but they seem to be a bit late this year.

It could be that the summer has beens so dry

that they barely had enough moisture to get by.

Before long the Chinaberries  will join the parade,

dressed in their bright yellows of every shade.

By then red leaves on the Spanish Oaks will be vivid

...All these a sight I will enjoy as long as I’m living!

So, since Fall is definitely here,

I may as well greet it with good cheer.

For...if I may be so bold...

I can still appreciate it all...even if I am old!
Virginia Archer

You took the time, thank you!

What a wonderful feeling

this can be!

Wishing you a nice weekend. We have

had the most beautiful and perfect

weather here in Ohio all week, and it

is to continue right thru the weekend.

Join me next week as we will bid the

month of September good-by

and welcome in the month of October.

And now till another time, be safe in

all you do. Be aware of everything and

everyone around you at all times. A

very good habit .... take care!


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