Caravelli - To all the girls I've loved before.mp3


Here you will always find the American flag

waving and the American eagle flying.

Love round barns. Just so unique.

A good life is when you

assume nothing,

do more,

need less,

smile often,

and dream big.

She is as cute as they come!

Looks like coffee cans, clever idea.

I think Mom or Dad is having a serious

talk with the little one.


A chocolate fix and a bit more.

Love this porch. Wicker furniture and

pretty plants and greenery, perfect.

Some last minute Summer rain fun

before school starts.

Caramel Cheesecake Cookies

1 (8ounce) package softened cream cheese

1 egg

1 (17.5 ounce) pouch sugar cookie mix

2/3 cup of caramel chips


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line the cookie sheet with parchment paper. In a

bowl add softened cream cheese, egg and cookie mix. Mix with a mixer until well

blended; the mix will be thick. Fold in caramel chips. Spoon the dough onto lined

cookie sheet using a tablespoon. You can either free form from the spoon or roll

them into balls. Bake for 20 minutes. Let cool.

Fall seven times,

stand up eight.

You can do this.

I do love her thoughts on this one!

All of the below items are of great interest to me

and mean a lot. Please take the time to

read each one and make the animal site a

daily click. Thank you.

When the link comes up,
just send the email that pops up

You took the time, thank you!

Enjoy this day!

Now, till another time, be safe in

all you do. Be aware of everything and

everyone around you at all times. A

very good habit .... take care!

Happy Trails to You

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locations of visitors!

WOW - look at all of you!