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June offers the most hours of daylight of any month of the year. For gardeners,

this is a great boon, allowing them to concentrate on their fields and flowers. Get sunrise and sunset times.

June is named for the Roman goddess Juno, patroness of marriage and women. See all the months’ names.

Since ancient times, cultures have adopted June as the perfect time for revelry,

weddings, and feasts.

This was especially true on the eve of Midsummer Day, June 24, when the summer

solstice was celebrated with wild parties and bonfires.

One old proverb says, “Calm weather in June sets corn in tune.” Like Goldilocks,

gardeners hope for weather that is just right: not too hot, not too cold, not too

wet, not too dry.

Even the tenderest plants—softies like basil and tomatoes—are put in the ground.

Folk wisdom tells us that plants will catch up by the end of the month regardless

of how early we got them in the ground—thanks to the long hours of sunshine.

Source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac

The 6th month of the year

is an outstanding one

In the Georgian calendar, the calendar that most of the world uses, June is

the sixth month. However, according to the early Roman calendar, June was

actually the fourth month and had only 29 day. In 46B.C, Julius Caesar gave

June 30 days instead of 29 when he reformed the Roman calendar. June was

named after the Roman goddess Juno, who is the wife of Jupiter. However,

others say that its name actually came from the Latin word iuniors. It means

the younger ones, which is opposed to majors or elders which May's name

was originated from. In June, spring ends and summer begins in the Northern

Hemisphere. During this time, all the flowers and plants are very beautiful. In

the southern hemisphere, winter begins in June.

Birthstone: Pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone

Birth Flower: The Rose

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