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MMM? Stained glass windows gone. Hopefully

they were taken to another church and put

to good use. I am sure one day that this was

a beautiful house of God.

Wonder just how long this old truck which

once belonged to Fletcher Paper company

has sat here abandoned? Or maybe they

still own it. Looks like it could be fixed up

and possibly be in parades or something?

And the bike? Certainly rusted ....

Hey Mr Kitty snowman! It is snowing inside!

Can you wiggle your whiskers and make

it stop!?

What a neat kitchen decorated to be old

fashioned. Wonder how old the table is,

and that bucket that holds the tree?

OH, just love iced and decorated

butter and or sugar cookies!

A very pretty display I would say.

The reason for the season

That Holy Night

The way was long and arduous

and Mary ached in every bone.

Could she endure long enough

to reach the place they were going?
Joseph told her it wasn’t far now

and to hang on just a little longer.

Little did he know...no bed awaited

...just a stable with a lowly manger.
Bethlehem was usually a quiet town,

but that was not the case that day.

It seemed everyone for miles around

was there looking for a place to stay.
Many had come because of the census,

and our weary couple soon learned,

all the rooms at the inn were taken...

leaving only a place in the barn.
Mary being heavy with Child,

that very night her time had come.

And in that smelly stable,

her firstborn Son was born.
Wrapped in swaddling clothes,

there in a manger, lay

Jesus, the Savior of the world

...asleep on a bed of hay.
It seemed Mary had just settled in

when there were shepherds everywhere...

Lit by a Heavenly light from above,

they worshiped the Babe lying there.
The shepherds went away rejoicing

...the prophecy was now fulfilled...

This night in Bethlehem was born,

Jesus Messiah, Savior of the world.
When all in the stable was quiet again,

Mary pondered these things in her heart.

Her newborn Babe was special indeed...

but then, she’d known that from the start!
Virginia Archer

To clean crevices and corners in vases and pitchers,

fill with water and drop in two Alka-Seltzer

tablets. The bubbles will do the scrubbing.

Please take 5 minutes and 23 seconds

to watch this. God bless our troops!

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