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Here you will always find the American flag

waving and the American eagle flying.

Home of the


Thank you for visiting here!

When you start to feel discouraged,

remember that things of value

don't come easy. Seems they never

do. That's what makes them valuable.

~ Unknown

Today inventory your feelings for old grudges

and where they exist. Try hard to let them go.

You will find as you let go, you will feel healed

and further along the road of letting go.

You will be a happier and healthier

person as a result.

~ unknown

Plain and simple is this porch which is fine for

those who live here. Sometimes that is a good thing.

This appears to be a painting, but just the same

a clever way of using a old bicycle.

What is not to like about this one?!

A old neat chair decorated just

perfect for the season.

A beautiful center piece indeed.

Love the contented fun face on this handsome

little boy. And such a pretty kitty.

A true chocolate fix for sure.

I don't think there is anything more contented than to

see a mother dog knowing her child is safe.

Would appear to be a old & abandoned roller coaster from

the looks of the wooden frame beneath.



  A beautiful round barn with a beautiful reflection.


Boy if Maxine is not right on the comment here! I

think this year there was hardly anything that

was not pumpkin flavored!

Pray for our world.

All of the below items are of great interest to me

and mean a lot. Please take the time to

read each one and make the animal site a

daily click. Thank you.

When the link comes up,
just send the email that pops up.

That's all you have to do.

You took the time, thank you!

Finally think my computer is going to be OK for a

while anyway. May have to soon replace it. A huge

thank-you to my son for fixing it last evening. He

is a blessing in so many ways. Here is hoping you

all have a wonderful day and a great weekend.

Next week I will publish when time permits and

decorate for Thanksgiving each day. 

Now, till another time, be safe in

all you do. Be aware of everything and

everyone around you at all times. A

very good habit .... take care!


Happy Trails to You


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