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“Breathe. It’s okay. You’re going to be okay. Just breathe.

Breathe, and remind yourself of all the times in the past you

felt this scared. All of the times you felt this anxious and this

overwhelmed. All of the times you felt this level of pain. And remind

yourself how each time, you made it through. Life has thrown so

much at you, and despite how difficult things have been, you've

survived. Breathe and trust that you can survive this too. Trust

that this struggle is part of the process. And trust that as long as

you don’t give up and keep pushing forward, no matter how

hopeless things seem, you will make it.”

Daniell Koepke

Beginning today

No longer worry about tomorrow.

Tomorrow will always be there, waiting for me to

make the most of it. But I cannot make the

most of tomorrow without first

making the most of today.

Take life one day at a time, one

step at a time. Discouragement will not be

allowed to taint my positive self-image, my desire to

succeed or my capacity to love.

A neat Winter package, wonder

what is in it?!

Nothing like peaceful alone time

Homemade pie will catch the eye

every single time ....

And ... how many of you had one of these?

What a clever & cute idea!

What a really neat kitchen, I'll take it!

I love Cardinals. (red bird) Mr and Mrs.
Red is the male, the gray one is the female.

Ohio's state bird

Just way too cute!

Old Fashioned

Oatmeal Pie

3 eggs, beaten(I beat them with a wire whisk)
1 cup light corn syrup
4 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted
1 cup rolled oats (the old-fashioned kind)
1/2 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup coconut
1/2 cup walnuts (can use pecans)
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 (9 inch) deep dish pie crust
Beat eggs with whisk. 

Add remaining ingredients and mix well with spoon. 

Pour into pie shell. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes,

increase heat to 375 and bake for 10 more minutes. 

Let cool before cutting. Enjoy!

Dreaming of Ice Tea weather

Here is hoping everyone had a nice weekend.

Our weather here has been very cold

and snowy. Not much of a opportunity to

get out and do anything. Cabin fever

setting in for sure.
Here is wishing you a good, good day,

take care and do join me again tomorrow.

And now till another time, be safe in

all you do. Be aware of everything and

everyone around you at all times. A

very good habit .... take care!


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