Zamfir Clair de lune.mp3


Here you will always find the American flag

waving and the American eagle flying.

I would not mind having a pair of

scissors like this ....

Never succumb to the

temptation of bitterness.

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

The less I take the difficulties of

my life as personal affront,

and the more I use them as an

opportunity to learn and grow...

the easier I sleep at night.

- Mary Anne Radmacher

I am determined to be cheerful and happy

in whatever situation I may find myself.

For I have learned that the greater
part of our misery or unhappiness

is determined not by our circumstance
but by our disposition.

- Martha Washington

Nothing like a beautiful sunrise

on the farm ....

Ahhh, how precious ...

I will take a piece please with

a cup of coffee ...

Such a beautiful animal

You took the time, thank you!

What a wonderful feeling

this can be!

Happy Monday!

Make it a good one ...

Now, till another time, be safe in

all you do. Be aware of everything and

everyone around you at all times. A

very good habit .... take care!


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