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Daylight Saving Time Begins

Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend—at 2:00 A.M. on Sunday,

March 8.

Before going to bed on Saturday, March 7, remember to “spring

forward” by setting your clocks 1 hour ahead. Not every place practices

Daylight Saving Time. See exceptions.

Credit for Daylight Saving Time goes to Benjamin Franklin, who first

suggested the idea in 1784. The idea was revived in 1907, when William

Willett, an Englishman, proposed a similar system in the pamphlet The

Waste of Daylight.

The Germans were the first to officially adopt the light-extending system

in 1915 as a fuel-saving measure during World War I. The British

switched 1 year later, and the United States followed in 1918, when

Congress passed the Standard Time Act, which established our time


This experiment lasted until 1920, when the law was repealed due to

opposition from dairy farmers (cows don’t pay attention to clocks).

During World War II, Daylight Saving Time was imposed once again

(this time, year-round) to save fuel.

Source: The Old Farmer's Almanac

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